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Sasha Meshkat (born 31 December 1985) is an Iranian fashion and portrait photographer and Interior Designer. His work has been featured in magazines, social media, modeling agencies, album covers, and Iranian advertisement mediums. Alongside his practice as a photographer, Meshkat has also worked as a writer, model, creative director, guest editor, artistic and commercial consultant, art collector, collaborator, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. In 2006, he founded Tash studio that later on he expanded into Zash groups (Photography and video production studio, interior design, kids clothing) which provides creative direction, art direction, brand strategy, graphic design, film and stills production, digital and social media, product development, books, exhibitions, licensing and partnerships in both fashion and advertisement. Since then he has established a career in photography (12 years) and interior design (8 years) and has worked with notable clients.




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